Syndicated columnist Michael Reagan has tried to minimize President Donald Trump’s constant womanizing by pointing out that his father, Ronald Reagan, nobly refused to publicize JFK’s many affairs, on the basis that these matters should be “private” and have nothing to do with a gentleman’s job performance.

He seems to have forgotten that the Republicans tried their damnedest to impeach Bill Clinton over his affair with Monica Lewinsky. The obvious message is that Democrats should be driven out of office based on their “private” behavior, while Republicans should be idolized and admired while their “private” misbehavior is defended and disregarded. Sorry, no double standard allowed!

Adultery is not a quaint victimless crime; it humiliates the man, his wife, his “girlfriend,” and his children. It leads to bitter marital estrangement and divorce. It destroys families. If hidden, it is an easy target for blackmail, and a blackmailed politician can do enormous damage to the country he is supposed to protect. And it is clear evidence that the adulterer is not a trustworthy person of unquestionable moral character, but a selfish liar who is unable or unwilling to control his or her own impulses despite the devastation and hurt that will result.

In short, it is NOT “okay,” and although it may not be a criminal offense in most states, it is absolutely an important factor that voters should consider before they cast their ballot for a candidate of either party.

Pam Gordon