I must admit that I find the “letters to the Editor” in the Courier depressing most days. I’m not a very “political” person, and consider myself a very independent-of-party-line individual, but the ignorance and willingness to ignore false political and biased “stories” out of our local and national politicians is overwhelming in those letters.

No matter what patently false garbage comes out of our politicians, or the Russian agents who seem to control our government these days, it is parroted and becomes the “facts” that are repeated over and over. Entire “news sources” claim to see bias and “facts” that anyone with a grade school education in “he said, she said” silliness can see is made up for mainly covering someone’s posterior, or making a few million bucks off of our citizens.

Wherever we are finding these “public servants” we now have “serving” us, we need to send them back home and elect new ones. Don’t give them “lifetime” health care, and empty their pockets, then send them home. If you can’t find the time to read and ask questions, do us all a favor ... don’t vote! Ignorance is not a good religion, or political party.

Robert Cape