Originally published Friday, April 6, 2018 at 06:01a.m.

Tributes to Barry Manilow and Bette Midler as well as to ABBA will be performed at the Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center this weekend, presented by TAD Management.

On Friday, April 6, “The Magic of Manilow & Midler” features Terry Davies and Sherie Rae Parker. The two have been performing this show for about five or six years, Davies said, adding that he’s always been a Manilow fan, and Parker is the foremost Midler impersonator in Las Vegas and elsewhere and has been for several years.

“She’s one of the world’s most renowned impersonators,” Davies said, noting that Manilow was Midler’s music director at the beginning of Manilow’s career, so it seemed natural to combine these tribute performances in one show.

Davies and Parker have great chemistry and getting on well together, both on and off stage, Davies said. On stage, that chemistry leads to some great comedic banter, he said.


ABBAFAB is bringing the music of ABBA to the Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m. Saturday, April 7. (courtesy)

Tickets are $25 for adults, $22 for seniors and $30 for opera box seats and can be purchased online at www.prescottelkstheater.com, by calling 928-777-1370 or at the door one hour prior to the performance, at 117 E. Gurley St. The show begins at 7 p.m.

Manilow’s most popular songs, “Mandy” and “Copacabana,” will both be performed, Davies said. He also mentioned some personal favorites that he enjoys performing, like “Weekend in New England” and “Ready to Take a Chance Again,” he said.

“In terms of Bette Midler, everybody wants to hear ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and they do,” Davies said. “They get to hear it.”

The second show, ABBAFAB, is set for 7 p.m. Saturday, April 7, at the Elks. It’s one of TAD Management’s most popular shows, said Anne Davies.

Tickets for the show are $25 for adults and $22 for seniors and can be purchased online at www.prescottelkstheater.com, by calling 928-777-1370 or at the door one hour prior to the performance.

“If you’re from the ‘70s, ‘80s, you’ll remember the music anyway,” Anne Davies said. “If you aren’t from the 70s and 80s, you probably know the music form ‘Mamma Mia,’ the musical and the movie anyway. It spans a wide generation.”

The show is energetic and the performers’ costumes are reminiscent of those that the members of ABBA wore back in their day, the 1970s, she said.

In addition to the energy from the music and the show, itself, Anne Davis said she is also inspired by audience members’ remarks as they leave after the show, talking about how enjoyable it was and how many memories it brought back. “You can’t beat that,” she said.

Of all the songs in the performance, she said there is an emotional tie to “I Have a Dream.” She lost both of her parents in the last seven years, and her mother loved ABBA, Anne Davis said.

“Every time she came to see a show, I would dedicate that to her,” she said. “I still do in the shows.”

They’re always adding new songs, too, and one new song is “I’m a Marionette,” which, while not one of ABBA’s most popular, is unique and typical ABBA, she said.

As far as her [her husband’s? her son’s? WHO? the rest of the cast?] experiences performing at the Elks Theatre and Performing Arts Center, she said they’ve never had a bad audience at the Elks.

“It’s one of the best venues and the best consistent audiences we’ve ever had,” she said. “They know how to let their hair down; they know how to have fun.”

For more information, visit www.prescottelkstheater.com.