Open enrollment period for Medicare and related supplemental and drug plans is from Oct. 15 through Dec. 7.

The website is an excellent resource for persons first applying for Medicare or those who wish to modify or exchange plans.

Several insurance agents in the tri-city area are offering free presentations regarding Medicare options and plans. No insurance company or agent is affiliated or endorsed by Medicare.

Most insurance agents offer some plans for their customers and are reimbursed by the various companies (i.e. Humana) they contract with.

The important part of this message is that there are some Medicare plans which not all insurance agents represent and thus cannot offer to their clients.

It is very possible that by using an insurance agent, the prospective Medicare plan recipient may NOT get the best and least expensive plan available. It all depends on insurance agent’s contracts and available Medicare plans.

Kelly Boryca is a certified Medicare Benefits Counselor in Prescott. She makes many presentations regarding the various plans during this enrollment season. She may be contacted at 402-305-8150 or Her presentations are excellent and non-biased with respect to contracting with a particular Medicare plan offering.

Information from Bob Brooks, Prescott.