Buz Williams, like Trump, takes pleasure in abusing and denigrating those majority of citizens who don’t subscribe to his ideological driven view of a dark and dystopian America. Buz, again like Trump, seems to have no problem with the far right driving cars into the innocent and pining for the celebration of a slave state. Buz is not conservative, but radical, and like other radicals, he continues to swoon over Trump.

Courier letter writers and others wonder how anyone can continue to support Trump, who has shown himself to be incompetent; and a contemptible, vile human being. Psychologists from such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins have offered opinions that Trump is mentally unstable, delusional, paranoid and suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Many Republican Senators, including both of Arizona’s, seem to agree.

So what makes Buz and the hardcore 30 percent continue their love affair with Trump? Many of them are otherwise good people. The answer lies in biology. Trump ideology is forged in emotion: fear, paranoia, anxiety, hate, anger, religion, bigotry, and white superiority. Belief systems based on emotion are formed and lodge in the brain stem, which has no independent capability for analysis or critical thinking.

Emotion based beliefs are extremely difficult to change, even when presented with incontrovertible facts to the contrary. So don’t expect the hardcore to abandon their man. Do expect a continued increase in hate crimes and violence.

At the end of the day, Buz Williams’ columns, like Trump tweets, are the real fake news.

Roger Fairfield