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I don’t think there’s any wisdom at all in bringing 10,000 new houses (and their 20,000 new SUV’s and sports cars on our two tiny highways) to the Prescott area via Deep Well Ranch. The costs to local communities will be immense, and not paid-for by the developers — Prescott residents will be footing the bill.

Increased traffic accidents (which will involve local folks), massive wear-and-tear on roads and highways by trucks and all those extra cars, grocery store aisles crowded with wild-eyed city refugees, highway intersection stop-lights regularly piled 30 cars deep (this is already happening on 69), hour-long commute times ... If someone wants that lifestyle, let them move to LA or Phoenix.

I think the local mountain cities should seriously consider joining with other small towns banning unregulated growth in the entire area, without a general vote; just to keep things from spiraling out of control — like the massive accident in front of Trader Joe’s this morning.

Land developers will always have a financial conflict-of-interest, and they will always say that their particular development (like the Deep Well Ranch development) will make everyone richer. Prescott folks have experience with that particular lie (remember the Gateway Mall and Sports Center). It’s time to do something. Let’s ask the cities to act to protect our precious, local way of life for coming generations and to keep the country beautiful.

Patti Michelle Sheaffer

Prescott (Diamond Valley)