Once again you are showing your true colors, by making a heroine out of a woman who is suing Rep. Gosar so she can cuss him and call him dirty names on his Facebook page, in the Oct. 6, 2017 issue of the Daily Courier. What has happened to common decency in our country, especially in regard to lack of respect for our elected leaders?

Not only did you publish a front-page article about J’aime Morgaine, with a huge photo of her, but you continued with another photo of her on page 14A. Maybe you think she is important because she has the ACLU backing her.

The First Amendment guarantees free speech to our citizens, but I don’t think our country’s founders intended to allow that to include attacking others with profanity. Rep. Gosar very clearly states the policy of his Facebook page: “We reserve the right to hide or delete user comments that include profanity, name-calling, threats, etc.”

If the writer of this article, Hubble Ray Smith, wishes to spread his anti-Gosar message, then he should confine it to the Kingman Daily Miner newspaper! Fortunately, I don’t read that newspaper.

Janie Curtis