We should all be receiving the voting papers for our Mayor and our Council very soon. When they arrive, I urge you to vote to show you care about the future of Prescott.

From past information published by the Courier on donations to candidates, it is clear that Mengarelli is favored by the business community and, if elected, he will likely vote for their interests. I want our new Mayor to put my interests first, not that of the business community. You will have to decide which is more important to you, your interests or business interests.

The mayoral contest is intended to be non-partisan, as are our votes for the City Council. When you look at the federal or state level, partisan politics is a major problem. Republicans and Democrats are both to blame for this – no give and take, very little balance. Their party comes first, the people’s good and the country’s good comes second. Mengarelli’s campaign signs emphasize he is a Republican. If you like partisan politics, he’s your man. Personally, I prefer the woman, Jean Wilcox. You should decide, but please vote regardless.

Nigel Reynolds