Prescott and the Quad City communities are just learning what my neighbors and I, in Skull Valley/Kirkland, have known for two years. Kirkland Mining Company is planning to mine Pozzolan with an Earth-scaring, open-pit operation, threatening the health and safety of life in the area and giving virtually nothing in return.

Readers who are in favor of the mine have their reasons but for those on the fence or who don’t know much about the plan, please invest a little time and Google it. I recommend the website, kirklandmineforum.org, to learn the history of the process so far, read past letters and articles published in the Courier, and to find links to the Bureau of Land Management and KMC Plan of Operations; there are also maps and cool pictures of the area. It is worth your time to find out what is proposed and decide for yourself if it something you and your family should be concerned about.

We are being told we have no rights due to the antiquated General Mining Act of 1872 and it seems easy to be apathetic. “Oh well, business as usual.” But you have a voice! The BLM has extended the public scoping deadline an additional month! Your comments will be added to the environmental assessment until Aug. 25. Email comments to KIRKMPO@blm.gov or mail Hassayampa Field Office, ATTN: Shelby Cave, 21605 North 7th Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85027.

Denise Bennett

Skull Valley