I am writing about the Kirkland Mine potentially using Iron Springs Road to transport pozzolan from their mine in Kirkland to Drake Cement. The mine is talking about up to 85 trucks a day using Iron Springs and Williamson Valley roads. That means each truck goes to Drake and back for a total of 170 truck passes a day. Iron Springs Road is the main or only access to town for many communities including Highland Pines, Wildwood Estates, Kingswood Estates, Pine Lakes, Vista Del Cerro, Forest Trails, as well as a half dozen summer camps, and many other residents. If Iron Springs is turned into a major mine transport artery, won’t our quality of life, as well as our property values suffer? That means a loaded truck every few minutes, with jake brakes blaring, all day, 5 days a week, perhaps for decades. I pity all the bicycle riders on Iron springs too. Here’s the kicker: Kirkland Mine has a railroad that runs right in front of their mine, directly into Drake Cement. Doesn’t it make more sense to ship by rail instead of so negatively affecting northwest Prescott?

Dave Johnson