In 2015, the Courier quoted Rem Hawes of the Bureau of Land Management. Speaking of Kirkland Mining Company (KMC), he says, “It can send samples to a variety of industries to find out whether the material is useable and marketable. After they give away 1,000 tons, they may say, ‘This is great.’ If it’s good, they can come back with a plan of operation,” he said.

The plan of operation is in place, but without a buyer, a verified route or the number of trucks involved.

Two years and they still can’t furnish the necessary answers. The community has been given a total of 60 days (which includes a 30-day extension). Still inadequate for response on the FOIA Request: Needed information to evaluate a project that has been increased since its inception. Totally inadequate to get information to the 350-mile radius (KMC plan identifies) for which the BLM did not notify.

This land belongs to the public of which we all are a part. Educate yourself; let your voice be heard. Send specific comments to the BLM at KIRKMPO@BLM.Gov.

Marilyn Orcutt, President of Ruger Ridge POA