Howard Fischer’s article, “Court: State can impose restrictions on initiatives” of Aug. 10, focuses on restricting initiatives. A big part of the problem is our educational system, which is not teaching the natural laws and is instead pushing philosophy.

In philosophy anything is possible even the violation of natural laws!

For example, the minimum wage increase will not help the poor. It will allow me to legally steal from the retirement funds of the elderly and basically destroy a lot of value. The voted-on wage will require that a one-third increase in the problematical retirement fund just to stay even. They are not making more, just changing the exchange rate. If they want more dollars, then pay them in pesos with an 18-to-1 exchange rate. They will have more individual pieces of paper but not more value!

If the legislature wants to do something about the problems of the people trying to fix problems by creating many other problems, they should start by getting people in the educational system who understand and can teach natural laws instead of pure philosophy.

Jay P. Hingst 

Prescott Valley