Wow! In one week a Boy Scout official apologizes for President Trump’s grotesque behavior; Republican Senators ludicrously trying to pass a healthcare bill impacting one-sixth of our economy without any debates, plus no one knew what was in it until a couple of hours before the vote; some Republican Senators voting yes for the bill they did not want to become law (what?); the Department of the Interior threatening Sen. Lisa Murkowski over her opposing vote; another Republican lawmaker intimating he should duel with Sen. Susan Collins; and yet, despite the GOP plan being absolutely hated by the American public and opposed by Republican governors, Republican senators still tried to cram it through because they made the ill-considered promise over and over again to their base to repeal Obamacare but had no real viable alternative even though they had seven years to develop a plan.

Furthermore, the White House in chaos including profanity-laced infighting; Trump banning transgenders in the military without notifying the DOD; and of course, the president also contemplating obstruction of justice by firing his handpicked AG in an apparent plot to make a recess appointment without Senate confirmation and then fire Mueller.

What does it say about someone who once said, “I alone can fix it,” and is now cheering for Obamacare to implode so that Americans can go without healthcare before a fix? Leadership? I think not.

If this is a “fine-tuned machine,” I will take my chances with a clunker. Finally, a big thank you to Sen. McCain for injecting some rationality into the lunacy!

Joe Zarnoch