President Trump is only one man and his time in the White House will most likely not go the full four years.

Although the number of his supporters will continue to dwindle as people’s vision continues to clear, unfortunately there will remain several million Trump supporters even if he was run out of town on a rail by his own party.

The rabidly faithful Trump supporters, the ones who do not abandon him regardless of what he does, are the true danger. Each one will continue to have a vote … and each one will have shown that they have dangerously poor judgment by their lack of introspection into why they would support such a man. They may easily support yet another person who is detrimental to America and Americans.

If Trump is still president after a year into his term, then it would be interesting for social scientists to determine the reasons, personalities, and biases of his remaining supporters. I am sure the percentage of “deplorables” will increase as people reassess their decision and come to terms with their mistake.

I am a registered Republican who is proud to say that I did not vote for Trump; some of his policies were questionable but that was a secondary issue for me. The primary issue is his core personality and psychiatric pathology.

One true American virtue is to admit when one is wrong. I am not sure this is a virtue among many rapid Trump supporters.

Patrick Leyden