I’m here to challenge the assumption that days of colonialism are somehow in the past. Although there’s a myriad of examples to support my claim, I’ll point out one that is both local and contemporary.

Having been a “community” comprised of those unwilling/unprepared/unable to challenge the dominance of those whose fortunes have placed them at the top of the food chain, Prescott Valley is now the new “west bank” in the latest push for economic acquisition by the local overlords and their cabals of bureaucratic punks, prostitutes and criminal cronies happily disregarding every known precept of sound planning on every aspect of community development from the protection of existing neighborhoods and small business to the abject disregard for the reality of limited water resources (since this IS the desert Southwest).

Count on seeing a marked rise in violent crimes and numerous other nasty earmarks of a human populace being forced to contend with an increasing number of difficulties because of the pathologic narcissism of the ruling elites’ obsession with acquisition.

Vernon Cullum

Prescott Valley